ARE 4-Stage Dry Sump System Kit For LT1



For Stingray & Grand Sport

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Katech works with technical partner ARE to develop this complete dry sump system kit for hardcore racing LT1 engines. This system features a four-stage oil pump with three scavenge sections and one pressure section. The pump is mounted on the left side of the engine, retaining AC and fits in a C7 Corvette. This does not fit the LT4/LT5 engines.


-ARE cast 4-stage oil pan
-ARE 4-stage oil pump (3 scavenge, 1 pressure)
-ARE screen fitting
-30 tooth HTD oil pump pulley
-Katech drive mandrel for ATI damper
-Katech drive pulley
-Katech hat washer
-Crankshaft bolt
-Crankshaft washer
-ARE remote filter adapter
-Katech remote filter adapter bracket
-Oil pump belt
-ARE oil tank
-ARE lower tank mounting clamp
-ATI damper
-Vent can
-Brown & Miller braided hoses:
–3 oil scavenge lines
–2 oil tank lines
–3 oil filter/cooler circuit lines
–1 breather line