KAT-M7115 CNC Machine LT4 Supercharger Bolt Holes Into LT1/L83/L86 Heads



Katech CNC Machine Service


-Allows a Factory LT4 supercharger, or aftermarket LT4 supercharger/intake to be bolted to a LT1, L86 and L83 cylinder head.
-LT4 superchargers may interfere with L86 and L83 accessory drives.
-Avoids using adapter plates that can leak and also cause hood clearance issues from adapter spacing.
-GM factory engine CAD was used to design bolt layout.
-It is required to hand start all of the bolts when assembling the supercharger. One of the bolt holes for the LT4 supercharger intersects the LT1 dowel hole. This creates an angled surface for the bolt to start on.
-Thread Sealant should be used on all bolts
-During this machining one of the stock LT1 manifold holes is reamed for the LT4 dowel. Backward compatibility of this machining has not been tested.

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