KAT-A7129 Coil Relocation Kit – Engine/coil type: LS2, LS3, LS7, L92, L99 w/Magnuson Heartbeat



Katech Inc. designed coil relocation kit

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Change the look of your LS engine with our Katech valve covers and coil relocation kits. Katech designed these coil relocation brackets to attach to the intake manifold side of our cast aluminum valve covers. This kit also leaves the cover bolts accessible for easy removal and installation of the valve cover assembly.

-Longer spark plug wires needed and sold separately. ( see links below )
-Includes black anodized brackets and stainless steel hardware.
-KAT-A7129 is built to order so please allow 2-4 days for shipment.

Note, the use of harsh cleaners on the anodized parts can cause discoloring. Use only mild soap and water, even cleaners like Windex and Simple Green can cause the brackets to discolor.

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