DSC-Sport RT Shocks



For C7 Z06 or Stingray with MSRC

Available on backorder

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Katech offers a DSC Sport V4 controller for the MSRC shocks as well as two additional shock packages: RT (Road/Track) and RTx (Road/Track Xtreme). The V4 controller, intended for use with the original MSRC shocks, replaces the factory suspension control module. The RT and RTx package introduce two upgraded damper options. DSC Sport V4 fully and completely interfaces with the factory dash display and controls. Using the DSC Sport tuning software, users have the ability to tune the suspension just like tuning the engine, including full velocity tuning.

The Road/Track (RT) package introduces the Tractive DDA damper. The patented DDA valve offers the most versatile, dynamic, and consistent damping curve of any electronic damper on the market. Responding to commands from the DSC controller in only six milliseconds, the Tractive DDA allows for a more sophisticated tuning file, relying less heavily on predictive control strategies.