G5 Camaro ZL1 Stage 6



• Stage 5 Package PLUS
• Race Camshaft
• Fuel System
• Larger Injectors


Power Target: 1000HP

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FIC Fuel Injectors
Fore Fuel System
Stage 6 Specific Supercharger Camshaft
Stage 6 Specific Supercharger Pulley Combination
Katech 10 Rib Supercharger Belt Conversion

All Components of Stage 5

Kong 2650 Supercharger
2650 Specific Supercharger Camshaft
2650 Specific Supercharger Pulley Combination
Katech Motorsport Sparkplug Wires
Katech Motorsport Sparkplug Wire Sleeves

All Components of Stage 4

Katech K-Force Camshaft
Katech 103mm Throttlebody
Katech 103 Supercharger Snout Porting
Katech Tool Steel Spring Retainer
Trend 3/8-.080 Pushrods
Katech Johnson 2110-K Spec Lifters
Katech C5r Timing Chain
GM Camshaft Bolt
Katech Competition Valve Train Assembly
Mobil1 Engine Oil
Mobil1 Oil filter

All Components of Stage 3

Katech CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
Katech CNC Ported Cylinder Head Chambers
Katech Cylinder Head Decking
Katech Competition Valvejob
Katech Valvejob Hand Blending
PSI 1511 Valve Springs
GM LS7 Lifters
GM Head Gasket
ARP Head Studs
Katech Blue Viton Valve Seals

All Components of Stage 2

ATI Lower Supercharger Damper
ATI Lower Supercharger Pulley
Gates Heavyduty Supercharger Belt
Katech Ported LSA Supercharger Snout
Katech Ported LSA Supercharger Base
NGK Spark Plugs
GM Dexcool

All Components of Stage 1

Cold Air Intake Kit (Rotofab)
Katech Ported LS7 Throttlebody
Griptec Upper Pulley
Weld-in O2 Bung for Wideband AFR Sensor
160 Degree Thermostat
All Fuel/Oil/Consumables
Baseline Dyno
Chassis Dyno Power Validation
Street Dyno Calibration