Katech LTK Gen 5 Cylinder Heads



Maximum performance

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Note: images show Build Level: Completely Assembled

Katech LTK heads were developed for Gen 5 engines to get the maximum performance out of the engine in high horsepower applications. Their performance capability exceeds the limitations of a production casting.

-Uses 2.200” intake & 1.600” exhaust (not factory length)
-Uses Gen 5 LT pedestal rocker design. Can utilize Stock rocker arm or Aftermarket Jesel Rocker arm – sold separately.
-Piston to Valve clearance must be checked. Valves are larger then stock and offset to clear combustion chamber.
-Cast in the USA from 356 aluminum and heat treated to T-6. The raw casting is fully machined and CNC ported at Katech in Clinton twp. Michigan.
-Exhaust port is not in standard LT location, moved 1.5” to straighten port. Kooks makes headers for Katech LTK heads.
-Includes bronze CHE bronze valve guides, CHE intake seat (ductile iron), CHE exhaust seat (Bx) and valve job.
-Cylinder heads can be used on stock displacement LT engines but to realize full potential it is recommended to use 4.125” and larger bores.

Intake: 327cc
Exhaust: 120cc
Combustion Chamber: 53cc (Boost chamber in process)

Heads with valves include the above plus:
-Titanium 2.200″ intake valves
-Inconel 1.600″ exhaust valves

Assembled heads include the above plus:
-PAC 1208x dual valve springs
-Valve spring locators
-Titanium valve spring retainers
-Valve locks
-Lash caps
-Valve seals
-Competition setup and assembly

Porter’s castings are available for the professional cylinder head shop looking to finish with their own port. Porter’s castings are machined minus intake/exhaust runner and chamber porting. They do not include seats or guides.