KAT-A7114 Katech Xtreme-DI Direct Injection Fuel system – Pulley size: 8 rib; Vehicle: Corvette; Power adder: OEM/Magnuson/Edelbrock/Whipple



For LT1/LT4/LT5 applications

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-Katech Xtreme-DI fuel pump
-Mounting brackets
-Drive pulley
-Pump to rail line
-Fuel rail

Does not include:
-Vehicle to XDI pump fuel line.

Procharger-specific kits:
-Includes Procharger piggyback pulley to drive XFP pulley
-Requires Griptec Procharger pulley (not included)
-Pulley size drop down menu does not change part number since XFP pump is driven off a separate belt.

Magnuson, Edelbrock, and Whipple kits for Corvette require GM LT5 ZR1 belt tensioner (not included)

If you have a specific application not listed above please contact Katech to discuss.

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Katech Xtreme-DI Fuel System Capable of Producing 2,000 Horsepower

Scalable Direct Injection Fuel Pump allows vehicle owners to use only Gasoline Direct Injection to deliver high torque and horsepower

DETROIT – June 26, 2018 – Katech today announced a new direct injection fuel-pump that will allow LT1/LT4 engines to achieve more than 2,000 horsepower. Developed with strategic partner Xtreme-DI, the system adds a secondary, direct injection fuel pump to the original factory OEM fuel system. The Katech Xtreme-DI System was developed for the Gen5 LT1/LT4 engine platform, but it can be integrated for use on any direct injection gasoline engine.

Under their agreement, Xtreme-DI developed the secondary pump and pump control electronics. Katech integrated the secondary pump onto the engine utilizing the front engine belt drive, provided the required engine ECU calibration, and validated the system both on the engine and chassis dyno.

The first Xtreme-DI Fuel System was installed on a C7 Z06 Corvette, which put out 900 ft. lbs. of torque at 3,000 rpm on the engine dyno, and 965 horsepower. The horsepower on this installation was limited by the airflow available from the engine supercharger. Combined with twin turbochargers, or a solution providing similar airflow, the current version of the system is capable of 1,200 horsepower at the wheels, and 1,400 horsepower at the flywheel with E85 fuel. With race gas, the numbers climb to 1,300 and 1,600 respectively. Development is underway on a larger fuel injector that will push the system to 2,000-plus horsepower to the flywheel for LT engines capable of that power.

Katech is in process of validating these numbers with a system on a twin-turbo LT engine.

“The Katech Xtreme-DI Fuel System is a brand new approach to providing fuel to a direct injected engine,” said Uwe Ostmann, founder of Xtreme-DI, LLC. “It’s not like what other people have tried to do, such as simply replacing one pump with a bigger pump. We are literally adding another fuel pump, which doubles the flow. We can also triple or quadruple the flow as well. The system is extremely modular, which gives us a lot of options to pursue better performance and higher horsepower.”

“Our system provides exceptional fuel flow at all engine RPMs,” said Chris Meszaros, Director of Engineering for Katech. “What you’re really looking for in terms of engine power output for real world applications is area under the torque curve. The more area you have under the curve, the more usable power you have. Provided you can supply the necessary airflow, our system enables big torque gains across the entire engine operating range.”

The Katech Xtreme-DI System fully integrates with the factory engine computer, providing all degrees of freedom for controlling fueling, in terms of minimum injection durations, pressure levels, idle stability, and so on.

“Our system is based on OEM approved solutions that are validated for production run times – 300,000 miles,” Ostmann said. “And we are not modifying the core of it. We add a second pump that was built to the same (OEM) standards. So we believe it is more durable than other solutions on the market.”

“Katech chose to partner with Xtreme-DI because of Uwe Ostmann’s experience and reputation as one of the top DI engineers in the world,” said Steve Spurr, CEO of Katech. “Uwe earned his stripes as a Bosch diesel engineer in Europe, and was the main calibration engineer for the Le Mans winning Audi diesel teams. We believe this partnership brings together two leaders in the automotive aftermarket space to create something real and extreme for car owners that want everything.”

The Katech Xtreme-DI Fuel System is available now at katechengines.com.

About Katech

Katech is a leading provider of high-performance components, crate engines, and vehicle packages for the automotive aftermarket. The company also serves professional motorsports programs worldwide and delivers highly machined prototypes to corporate customers. Over the past 40 years, Katech has built a reputation for extreme performance, exceptional durability, and outstanding quality. Learn more at 866-KATECH1. Follow Katech at Facebook: KatechPerformance; Instagram: Katech_Inc; Twitter: KatechInc; and YouTube: KatechPerformance.

About Xtreme-DI

Established in 2014, Xtreme-DI’s roots are set deeply in the Bosch fuel system world. XDI’s founder Uwe Ostmann launched his career at Bosch, where he developed diesel high pressure nozzles and common rail based high pressure systems. After leading Audi LMP1 fuel system development at Bosch Motorsport Germany, Ostmann came to the United States in 2012 and took over fuel system development for all Bosch OEM race projects based on GDI systems. He now operates out of Xtreme-DI facilities in Wixom, Michigan.

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