LS9X Clutch For Cadillac CTS-V



For LS2/LS6

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‘-For 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V
-Twin disk clutch
-Clutch disks and pressure plate from the ZR1
-Aluminum flywheel with 6 bolt pattern for standard LS engines
-Includes flywheel bolts
-Includes pressure plate bolts
-Includes clutch alignment tool
-8lbs lighter than the stock Z06 clutch/flywheel assembly
-Flywheel weighs 12.0lbs.
-Drives like a stock ZR1 – stock pedal feel
-Proven to 700rwhp (drag racing) 800rwhp (street)
-800 ft-lbs torque capacity – street/drag race, 600ft-lbs – road road race
-7000 max RPM
-No neutral noise or chattering
-All of the benefits of a twin disk clutch and none of the trade-offs