Refurbished LT1 Drysump Longblock



Refurbished LT1 Drysump longblock 11.4:1 CR 570hp/527tq

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KATECH LT1 6.2 Dyno Tested engine
Great for any hot rod,street,drift car or even truck / mud truck project.
Refreshed and dyno cell tested

KATECH engine Build spec:
LT1 6.2 liter 570.6 HP / 527.7 TQ
LT1 intake manifold
LT1 fuel injectors
LT1 Corvette front drive
KATECH CNC PORTED LT1 cylinder heads
KATECH TORQUER 219/233 @ .050 .643/.655 lift 118 LSA
KATECH AFM Delete Valley Cover
PSI LS1511 valve springs & Katech Titanium Retainers
GM pistons & Mahle rings
GM I-beam connecting rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
GM 3.622 stroke INTERNALLY BALANCED crankshaft
GM Dry Sump oiling
4.065 bore x 3.622 stroke
11.4:1 compression ratio
This Engine makes 570.6 HP / 527.7 TQ
Only 1 available at this time..

Katech engines has been hand building engines in house since 1977
Each hand built engine is individually DYNO TESTED & DYNO PROVEN before being sold.