KAT-A0250-E – Whistler Compression Ratio Tester



Test the compression ratio of any engine

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The WHISTLER is an electronic device that instantly determines the compression ratio of virtually any engine.

Using the WHISTLER is easy, just remove a spark plug and screw the WHISTLER adapter in its place. Enter the number of cylinders, CID, and temperature of the engine into the WHISTLER. Then, bring the engine to TDC and the unit will display the compression ratio to the nearest tenth of a point.

All you need is a low volume air source and a 120V AC supply
• Works with 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines
• Cubic inches from 6 to 600
• Engine temperature range 30 to 200 deg f

Included with the WHISTLER:
• FN, BN, BL, J and 18mm spark plug adapters (12mm motorcycle available)
• Verification bottle (allows you to check the accuracy of the unit at any time)
• Easy to understand instruction sheet

•Part Number KAT-A0250-E

Need calibration or repair? Please use the following form: Whistler Calibration and Repair Request Form

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